How do I measure things on the map?
Both distance and area can be measured on the map using the Measure Line or Measure Area tools within the Query/Info dropdown.

To measure distance select the Measure Line tool from the Tools menu and then click two points on the map. Additional mouse clicks will continue the measurement line. Both the segment and total distance will be displayed in a separate window. Double click to stop the measurement. The linear measurement units can be changed during measurement and there are many to choose from.

The Measure Area tool will report both area and perimeter. Similar to linear measure, click the Measure Area tool and then click on the map. Each click will define a measure area. A minimum of 3 points will be needed to define the area. You will see the polygon take shape with each click. The measure results window will update with each click. Similar to line measurement, units can be changed for reporting the perimeter and area.

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