Voter Registration & Board of Elections

Voting hours are 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

County Board of Elections Responsibilities

The county Board of Elections is responsible for:
  • Distributing and receiving nomination petitions
  • Preparing ballot
  • Retaining polling places
  • Retaining / paying local election board members
  • Programming and distributing voting machines to 240 voting precincts throughout Lancaster County
  • Distributing and receiving campaign expense statements / reports
  • Certifying election results
  • Receiving and retaining Statements of Financial Interest for candidates, nominees, public officials, public employees, or solicitors (Resolution No. 28 of 2013).

Registration Commission Responsibilities

The Registration Commission is responsible for:
  • Distributing and receiving voter registration forms
  • Processing new registrations, moves, change of politics, etc.
  • Furnishing street lists (alphabetical listing by street of all individuals registered to vote within Lancaster County)
As of January 2020, there are 327,322 registered voters and 240 voting precincts in Lancaster County.

About the Chief Clerk

The chief clerk of the Lancaster County Board of Elections and the Lancaster County Registration Commission is appointed by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners.