Commissioners' Office

Group 1

From left to right:
Alice Yoder, Commissioner 
Ray D'Agostino, Vice-Chairman
Joshua G. Parsons, Chairman
Board of Commissioners


The mission of the Lancaster County Government System Reform Initiative is to create a county government operation that is effective, cost efficient, and customer friendly.


The county acts as an agent of the commonwealth for those functions which are specified by state law. To carry out those functions, three County Commissioners are elected every four years. The County Code stipulates that each voter may cast a ballot for only two commissioner candidates and that the three having the highest number of votes shall be elected. The board shall consist of two members from the majority party and one from the minority party.

Besides having limited legislative powers the commissioners serve as the managers and administrators of county government, name citizens to boards, commissions and authorities, and award contracts.

Assisting them are a number of officials elected for four-year terms, who fill the so-called row offices, and numerous appointed deputies and directors. Currently the number of county employees for Lancaster County government is approximately 1,980 (1,700 full-time and 280 part-time employees). In addition to serving on the Board of County Commissioners, the commissioners serve as the County Board of Elections and the Registration Commission, and are members of the Salary Board, Prison Board, and Retirement Board.

Chief Clerk

To assist the commissioners with their administrative duties, they have appointed a chief clerk who shall keep the books and accounts of the Board of County Commissioners, record and file their proceedings and papers, attest all orders and voucher checks issued by them, and perform all other duties pertaining to the office of chief clerk. Additionally, the chief clerk is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of the annual county budget, contract negotiations, and monitoring the departments under the purview of the county commissioners.

Chief Clerk, Lawrence M. George