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Welcome to the new page for Lancaster Emergency Management Agency’s Community Resilience Office. Here you will find information on school and childcare planning, business continuity of operations plans, agriculture, and volunteer organizations in the county. We strive to provide preparedness resources for local schools, daycares, and other businesses.   

Community resilience is the ability of a community to use resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from disruptions. The community resilience coordinator aims to build a culture of preparedness through mitigations, continuity, and preparedness programs and resources. Another primary goal for community resilience is to educate our community members on preparedness through local events throughout the county.   

Emergency Operation Plans and Continuity of Operation Plans are readiness and preparedness plans for most organizations. An Emergency Operations Plan, or EOP, is made up of three major sections: the basic plan, supporting annexes, and threat/hazard/incident-specific annexes. EOPS are required for schools and childcare facilities in Pennsylvania, more information can be found under Title 55 chapter 3720.27Business Continuity of Operations Plan, or COOP, consist of four main sections: business impact analysis, recovery strategies, plan development, and testing and exercise. More information can be found at  

Sections under community resilience provide links to certain sites as well as contact information.

If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding your organization’s emergency plans do not hesitate to reach out, our office provides on-site technical assistance at: (717) 664-1340.

Brooke Bowman

Brooke Bowman, Community Resilience Coordinator & Volunteer Liaison