Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)

The Lancaster County VOAD is a PaVOAD member organization which provides assistance to the citizens of the Lancaster County when a disaster strikes. Businesses, volunteer organizations, and other organizations can become full or affiliate members of LC VOAD. 

VOAD Mission Statement

To foster, through cooperation in mitigation and response, more effective service to people affected (imperiled or impacted) by disaster.

This will be achieved through the following priorities:

A.  Cooperation
To create a climate for cooperation at all levels (including the grass roots) and to provide information.

B.  Coordination
To coordinate police among member organizations and to serve as a liaison, advocate, and countywide voice.

C.  Communication
To disseminate information through the media, a resource directory and research and demonstration.

D.  Education
To provide training and to increases awareness and preparedness in each organization.

E.  Mitigation
To support efforts of federal, state and local agencies and government.

F.  Convening Mechanisms
To put on seminars, meetings, committee meetings, conferences, and training programs.

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To learn more about Lancaster County VOAD click the image above. If your organization is interested in becoming a Lancaster County VOAD full member or affiliate you can contact Audrey Noll at aan7@ptd.net