Birth Registrations (Delayed) (1870-1906)

Delayed birth registrations were authorized by legislation in 1941 to provide proof of birth for individuals born prior to 1906. The Delayed Birth Registration Index provides over 8,000 names of individuals living in Lancaster County that were born during the time period of 1870 to 1906.

Records were originally filed in the Orphans' Court and provide the petitioner’s date/place of birth, parent’s information, number of children born to petitioner’s mother and number of children now living, and the original signature of the petitioner. They also provide affidavits from religious officials, friends, and relatives of the petitioner. These records are valuable since they cover the time before Pennsylvania began maintaining state birth and death certificates beginning in 1906.

Birth Certificates:  Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records for all birth certificates beginning 1906 at (724) 656-3100 or PA Vital Records 

Lancaster County Birth Registrations (Delayed) Index

Birth Registrations (Delayed)