Records Management

The County of Lancaster recognizes that the citizens of Lancaster County have a right to expect, and the county has an obligation to foster, efficient and cost-effective government and further recognizes the central importance of county records management in this process. The County of Lancaster has a responsibility to its citizens to manage, protect, preserve, and make available county records.

Records Management
The mission of Records Management is to preserve county memory for internal and external customers by working within a comprehensive information structure to provide and promote appropriate records creation, retention, access, maintenance, and disposition processes.

The county will endeavor to ensure all records are effectively managed, so that documents can be:
  • Created, captured, stored, and protected against damage, loss, or unauthorized access
  • Efficiently retrieved in response to requests received from the public and county offices
  • Preserved in such a way as to ensure their ongoing retrievability and readability
  • Eliminated where there is a duplication of records with the originating office retaining the records for which they are responsible for periods of time consistent with the PHMC and AOPC requirements
  • Shared electronically within a county agency and between county agencies
  • Developed through standardized records management practices for the County of Lancaster
Information Structure
Our intention is to work within an established information structure that is:
  • Comprehensive
  • User-friendly
  • Configured to be consistent with existing software currently used in the county
  • Organized to eliminate duplicate work within and between offices
  • Configured to effectively promote information sharing between departments
  • A single product that can be used county-wide
  • An effective and efficient use of county resources
Our mission is to merge county business practices with advanced office technology, equipment, and supplies in providing reliable service and support. Our customer service shall be at the highest of standards to provide high-quality, cost-effective imaging services to meet and exceed our clientele expectations.

  • Reduce the storage of paper records and reclaim the office space by eliminating file cabinets storing paper documents
  • Reduction of records request turn-around time for internal and external customers by utilizing digital technology
  • Reduction and/or elimination of the percentage of off-site record storage utilized by various county offices
  • Reduce the overall cost for the management of records within the County of Lancaster